• "I believe that people must enjoy the most special moments of their lives and I want to do make it possible

    in an authentic and profound way.


    Music is the art I use to make it possible, since I believe it is able to reach the most intimate side of you:

    I compose a song that represents you.

    Then, I give it a physical shape to make it even more real."



  • Emotions

    Take a look to some of our tales, and get inspired




  • How It Works

    It is very easy to enjoy this completely new music experience



    I will get to know you intimately to make your MusicPortrait a real depiction of you.

    I will meet you to better comprehend your nature, your personality.
    What music you bear within you.



    You will be contacted by us to know what bundle of services meets your requests to provide you with the best experience.



    Add to your collection and memories your own MusicPortrait:

    a piece of art that represents the essence of you

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  • About us

    What do our people say about our art



    "Mai regalo è stato più gradito"

    "No gift has ever been more appreciated"

    Aurelia & Federico


    "Vorremmo suonassi la nostra storia d’amore"

    "We would like you to play our love story"

  • Who we are

    We are the storytellers.

    You are the story we tell.

    Lorenzo Bongiovanni

    Composition and execution

    Lorenzo Bongiovanni is a Pianist and Composer.
    He perfected his ability in music composition with experts who learned their crafts directly from world wide famous composer Maestro Morricone.
    "Music is my canvas, notes my brush and you, my art"

    Luca Tomatis

    Brand Management and development

    Five years spent as a product designer, with a variety of experiences that allows him to experiment crosswise.

    Design, management and innovation are his crafts.
    He manages the development of the Music Portrait project.